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Galactic Cintamani

Galactic Cintamani

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Galactic Cintamani is a sacred stone, directly infused with energies from the Galactic Central sun. From all stones currently available on the surface of the planet, it is the stone with the highest vibrational frequency, even higher that the regular cintamani stone.

It is an extremely rare stone, even more than the regular cintamani stone, and the supply is extremely limited. It is found on a different location that the regular cintamani stone, and its origin is not Sirius star system, but a location closer to the Galactic Center.

During the Event, it will help channeling a lot of the energy of the Event Flash to the surface of the planet and help distributing it. It will also help our body and our energy field to balance the energies of the Event Flash if we wear it at that time.

If you wear it now before the Event, it will help you connecting with the energies of the Galactic Central Sun and integrating them into your energy field.

If you bury it, there will be a big angel to help anchoring a rainbow vortex on the surface of the planet around that spot, just like with the ordinary cintamani stone.

Two sizes of the Galactic Cintamani stones are available:

Small (4-7 grams) price 250 EUR
Large (7-12 grams) price 560 EUR
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