"Bridging Science and Spirituality for Radiant Health and Inner Harmony"

Create Once upon a time, science and spirituality split; each following its own path towards the source of existence. Tachyon is a synergistic energy, merging the scientific and spiritual paths back into “oneness.”

Our Services

Unfold your spiritual potential, attain harmony in all areas of life, and establish radiant health with our services. The achievement of these goals is directly dependent upon how well our Subtle Organizing Energy Fields convert Tachyon Energy into various frequencies, flowing through all the subtle levels of our being, and finally into our physical body.

Company Introduction

Technology that Bridge Science and Spirituality for Radiant Health and Inner Harmony. We are dedicated to helping you realize your spiritual potential and achieve harmony and health through the power of Tachyon Energy.

What is Tachyon?


Science and spirituality Synergy

With the establishment of Bliss Wave Light Kuala Lumpur, a long-cherished dream of our community has come true. Yet, even we could not have anticipated the extraordinary opportunities that providence would bring us over time.

Our journey has been nothing short of cinematic, filled with both challenges and triumphs—a true miracle. Throughout this adventure, we've discovered that surrendering to higher guidance and following our hearts makes anything possible. Together, united in love, we have built Bliss Wave Light to offer everyone a uniquely advanced technologies and services designed to enhance our quality of life.

Our visitors often approach us with greater courage, knowing that we share similar experiences, which not only instills confidence but also fosters openness.

We are here to help all who are receptive. We understand that with attention, love, and the right modalities, we can guide people toward finding joy, harmony, and both physical and mental well-being. We believe our work will enable more individuals to achieve a higher quality of life and develop a fresh perspective on living.

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  • HRV Memory Scan Session

    Tap into the wisdom of your cellular memory.

    Heart Rate Variability (HRV) refers to the variation in time between each heartbeat. HRV scan is a non-invasive measurement used with a bio feedback that measures the emotions, memories trauma stuck between each heartbeat that is link the autonomic nervous system.

    The scan identifies patterns in your pulse that reveal past traumatic emotions and memories stored in your cellular memory. Imagine undergoing a cutting-edge scan that delves deep into the secrets of your pulse, uncovering hidden patterns that unveil past traumatic emotions and memories seared into the very fabric of your being. This innovative technology has transformed the lives of countless individuals, breathing new life into their overall well-being and reigniting their zest for life. By tapping into the wisdom of your cellular memory, this scan can empower you to break free from the shackles of your past and embrace a brighter, more fulfilling future.

    Note: Cellular Memory refers to the memories, experiences, and emotions is stored in individual cells within the body.

  • Experience a Life-changing One-on-One Coaching Session

    Feel a renewed sense of control over your life as you overcome stress and cultivate a more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

    One-on-one Coaching is a revolutionary program that utilizes cutting-edge techniques based on scientific research to help individuals effectively manage stress and cultivate a healthier overall lifestyle.

    Imagine sitting down with a coach who works with you one-on-one to develop a personalized stress-management plan that caters to your specific needs.

    At the beginning the coach takes the time to assess your current stress levels and dives deeper into the stressors that you are currently facing. Using powerful techniques such as heart coherence training, breathwork, and visualization, the coach guides you towards regulating your emotions and building resilience to stress. You feel empowered and confident as you learn practical tools and strategies that you incorporate into your daily routine to manage stress and improve your overall health and well-being.

    Depending on your specific goals and needs, our coach offers ongoing support and guidance to help you continually develop your stress-management skills. With our personalized one-on-one coaching program, you will experience a renewed sense of control over your life as you conquer stress and cultivate a more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

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