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HRV 21 Days Resilience Virtual Program

HRV 21 Days Resilience Virtual Program

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Re-pattern the subconscious mind

21 days is all it takes to re-pattern the subconscious mind, or we combine it with one on one coaching, and in just one month you can re-pattern your subconscious mind.

We need to realize that if something repeats three, four, or five times, it means that there is something that we need to change instead of feeling depressed about it. Such events can be navigation tools we can follow to find out what or where our mission is.

Through HRV Memory Scanning scans the nervous system through an electrode that clips onto the ear. It measures heart rate variability, scans the spacing between each pulse and the next, and uses that as feedback. The software also has a database of library of samples of nerve impulses representing different limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and trauma situations. It reads the impulses, gets feedback, and sees which one have recognition based on its database.

The 21 days program objective is for you to capture your energy liking and how to stop the liking and to be spent in the right way. We invest so much of our energy every day, but are we investing it in anything fruitful, or is it just dissipated and wasted? 

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