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Energy Health Care Series - Shungite knee pads/waist pads

Energy Health Care Series - Shungite knee pads/waist pads

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Harness the natural benefit of Shungite 

Widely acclaimed by scientific community or energy academic community, Shungite is the "Stone of Life".

The Shungite series contain the following:

1 Super glossy Shungite cushion: weight 1100g, thickness 1~2cm, size 34×25cm

The pelvis is the fundamental core that connects the life energy of the legs, and can effectively help purify and regulate the Muladhara chakra.

1 Super glossy Shungite knee pads: weight 390g, size 16.5×29cm

The knees are key to the weight bearing and flexion of the feet, helping them maintain physical and other energetic health.

1 Super light Shungite belt: weight 400g, size 120×9cm

The belt area can effectively cover the solar plexus, help promote the operation of the digestive system, and isolate the negative energy operation in the abdomen.

  • Hyperluminous Shungite is a powerful protective mineral against negative energy.
  • Effectively blocks and resists radiation and harmful electromagnetic forces.
  • Absorb impurities to promote antibacterial effect, and can purify water and eliminate bacteria.
  • Rich in large amounts of fullerene molecules, which can reduce cell lesions and aging reactions.
  • Protective barrier stone to reduce energy interference during sleep.
  • Absorb a very large amount of energy to purify the human body's energy field to achieve healing effects.

Shungite was discovered in the village of Shunga, Russia. It is named because its composition is 80 to 95% carbon and its composition and characteristics are similar to graphite.

It has been scientifically proven that Shungite can effectively block negative radiation and electromagnetic waves, and has the effect of purifying air and water quality. In research on the energy level, Shungite has a powerful effect in resisting negative plasma and negative ether energy, and is a powerful energy protection stone.

Shungite also has excellent energy conductivity, which helps push multi-dimensional negative energy out of the energy field and introduce positive energy into the body. Shungite, which contains a large amount of Fullerene (translation: Bucky Ball/Fullerene/Booker Carbon), can adsorb and purify harmful elements such as free radicals at the material level, helping the body maintain a healthy state.

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