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Bliss Wave Light

Ionic Silver 30ppm

Ionic Silver 30ppm

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Sip the Illuminating Elixir,

Not just a tonic for wellness,

A source of Youthful Vitality.

Liquid Light is a highly charged ionic silver and mineral complex product, infused with cosmic light. This cosmic light is the essence of the primordial force that create the universe. 

Not only will Liquid light help the general well-being by activating the cellular activities, suppressing the growth of a virus, raise immunity, it will also help the consumption of vitamins from food and drinks. 

• 15yr~30yr of metabolic rate reductions
• Reverse aging
• Increase creativity
• Increase sensuality
• Repair DNA
• Increase mental clarity
• Increase psychic defense
• Recover energy body intelligence
• Become more patient
• Maintain high vibration

The main ingredients of this exclusive formula are Tachyon ionic silver 30ppm, water and Tachyon Ormus.  

Unleash the Power Within: Infused with Liquid Light, our elixir harnesses the energies of gold and silver ions, extracted at a harmonious 432Hz frequency beneath the radiant glow of each month's full moon.

Crafted and enhanced by Slovenia's cutting-edge scientific minds, this Ormus undergoes meticulous optimization through advanced tachyonization techniques. The result? A tenfold amplification of the potent energy within.

Experience the synergy of Tachyonized Ormus, treated with the magic of Tachyonized ionic silver water. This dynamic blend ensures optimal absorption, sharpening your nervous system and, for some dedicated enthusiasts, potentially unlocking the mystic potential of the pineal gland.

Unlock the secret: Just introduce 5 to 7 drops of Liquid Light into 300ml of warm water daily. Let it linger for 3 minutes, allowing its frequency diffusion and crystallization to weave their transformative magic.

Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying good spirits  

Liquid light has a powerful detoxifying effect. But unlike other products, this detoxification is due to liquid light's ability to increase cell frequency. When the cell frequency is increased, the mood will become more comfortable, and natural detoxification occurs.

Balance the five elements of the body  

The body is composed of 5 elements. The high concentration of superluminal silver ions can harmonize all our five elements most quickly and replenish a large amount of energy required by the body. Long-term use can reduce the need for sleep.

Harmony Rainbow Light Energy

The liquid light emits a harmonious rainbow light field, and some people even use the light field emitter from the bottle for body healing! The most obvious effect of this harmonious full-frequency spectrum is to harmonize the irritable nervousness and temperament of our urban people.

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