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Bliss Wave Light

Light Resonator

Light Resonator

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A universal broadband harmonizing modulator that generates a natural electromagnetic field combining 💫 3 frequencies of light spectrum, sound, magnetic & plasma fields.

This Resonator improves mental and physical health, enhances hypnotism and helps resist infection.


The notion of electromagnetic smog includes a huge negative impact on the human body and in the media causing chronic stress.

  • The flares on the sun
  • The rotation of the moon around the earth.
  • Geograpic zones generate this type of electromagnetic burden.
  • TV radiation, radio, and electric communications.
  • Long-term work with the computer
  • Ignition coils automobile engines and etc.


NATURAL ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS to solve the problem of electromagnetic overload

✡️ The Resonator generates a harmonizing field similar to the natural radiation of objects such as forests and natural environments.

✡️ Our body is in such a chaotic flux of radiation requires a basic fulcrum to bring it back to resonance with nature.

✡️ The state of a person emerges from a "stress breakdown" state into a state of harmonization and balance.


In numerous tests carried out in varied electromagnetic environments using the Resonator as a room harmonizer, an improvement in the human condition has been reliably established.

As a result of exposure to the device in harmonizing mode, a considerable improvement in the general state of the user has been observed in 1-4 days. The improvement of mental and physical health enhances hypnotism and helps resist infection.


♦️ 16 million color combinations instead of seven
♦️ Musical sound generation by digital means
♦️ A small plasma generator creates a plasma field
♦️ Magnetic coils upgraded to bifilar coil, a Tesla coil that generates a scalar field
♦️ Programmable by a tablet application with full feature control

RESONATOR Harmonic Resonance & The Pyramids

☑️ The Pyramid's designers visualized a potent tool for influencing mental and physical well-being

☑️ The Resonator in the shape of a pyramid which generates a special quantum field

☑️ The Pyramid operates a unique system that transports energy from one dimension to another

It is important to emphasize that the human body's entire physical and energy structures follow the law of "The Golden Section."


Use the Star Android application to set your preferred Chronobiology organ repair preset or manually select your preferred program for any part in mind.

Bio corrector frequency can be used in 2 ways, a Torsion mode that provides an intense effect or a Harmonizing mode for a gentle effect.


Use the Star Android  application to set your preferred program or manually select your preferred program to energize and harmonize the room and space.

Environment harmonization frequency can also be used in 2 ways; Torsion and Harmonizing mode.

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