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Bliss Wave Light

Violet Shield

Violet Shield

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  • UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that exists between visible light and X-Rays.
  • UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation whereby only 3% to 4% penetrate the atmosphere to reach the earth, of which UVA is 95% and UVB is 5%
  • UVC rays that have substantial germicidal and disinfection effects do not reach the earth's surface.


  • Ozone, also called Vacuum Ultraviolet (UV-V) is an inorganic gas moledule consisting of three Oxygen atoms.
  • Ozone is a strong fully ecological safe disinfectant against all types of waterborne pathogens.
  • Ozone is an effective biocide that is commonly used in the disinfection of various types of facilities due to its strong oxidising properties.



The germcidal lamp from Violet Shield produces UVC to eliminate bad odors and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as sulfides, mercaptans, and ammonia.

Ozone has the ability to penetrate the atmosphere to reach the earth, whereas no measurable UVC from the sun reaches the earth's surface.


UVC lamp of Violet Shield produces Ozone by emitting UV radiation with a wavelength of 185 nm or less than 220 nm, which causes the oxygen (O2) in the air to decompress and produce ozone (O3).


  • Scalar wave allows the information signal spread or propagation in
    a multi dimensional and infinite way.
  • Scalar wave emitter creates a standing energy field that carry the specific light and frequency information.
  • The standing field will create the positive interaction (resonance) for everyone within the environment.
  • With the scalar wave emitter forms a perfect shielding energy that surrounds our auric field.
  • We are able to sending the healing information to different levels of our physical or energy bodies immediately. This is a scalar wave function and property.



  • Audio and MP3 sound healing files are selected from a library of sophisticated sounds available to choose from including vocal and energetics sound effects

  • The ultraviolet tube converts vibrational sound into light when sound is accessed through headphones


The world of energy work is truly fascinating, and there are so many different ways we can tap into our energy field and keep it healthy and balanced. Whether it's psychic clearing, shielding, protection, balancing, or harmonizing, each technique works to keep our energy field operating at its highest potential.

Did you know that our energy field occupies the ultraviolet range of the spectrum? It's true! And just four years ago, the technology for ultraviolet C was finally released. While ultraviolet A and B can be quite harsh and damaging to our bodies, ultraviolet C is completely safe and is actually one of the highest vibrations of the electromagnetic field.

One powerful tool that utilizes the power of ultraviolet C is the violet shield. This incredible device is a pulsed, high-frequency ultraviolet C plasma emitting tube that removes attachments and provides powerful psychic and energetic healing, and protection. It shields and heals our psychic and energetic system so effectively that it's one of the most powerful ways to deal with our aura.

We all know how draining low vibrational energy can be on our energy field. That's why it's essential to protect ourselves from it. The violet shield does just that by preventing negative lower vibrations from influencing us. And because ultraviolet C is one of the safest electromagnetic fields we can expose ourselves to, any low vibrational energy simply bounces off it, allowing us to work on our psyche without any hindrance.

But here's the best part: the violet shield is controlled by an Android application! It's like taking an Auric field shower and regenerating it by filling in the gaps, holes, attachments, or pollution. And there are three different ways we can apply it. First, we can scan it across our heads to stop repetitive negative thought patterns. Second, we can scan it across the front part of our bodies to balance our energy and protect us from low vibrational energy. And finally, we can use it to shield our environment from low vibrational energy, ensuring that we preserve ourselves in a highly energetic state.

So whether you're looking to clear your energy field, protect yourself from negative energy, or balance your energetic system, the violet shield is an incredible tool that can help you achieve all of those goals and more. Give it a try and see just how powerful it can be!

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