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Bliss Wave Light

Tachionized Cintamani Stone

Tachionized Cintamani Stone

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Cintamani - the sacred stone that attracts the cosmic ray to the ground

Cintamani stone is an emanation of pure Light and is an outer manifestation of the purity of our Soul. This special stone brings you a connection with your innermost energy, a chance to access the healing potential of the divine. Unlock a vibrant, balanced life with the power of Cintamani!
Very recently, a limited quantity of Cintamani stones was put on StratoProbe 4, a near-space vehicle that a group of the team had launched together. StratoProbe 4 has reached a maximum altitude of about 15 miles (24 km).

Auric Light: Electric Blue
Chakra: All chakra
Power Level: Very powerful. Seasonal Frequency.
Connection: I am presence, your own higher self, Sirius Star system. Central Sun.
Alignment: Light Forces
Consciousness: Collective Consciousness
Energetic properties: Repel Darkness. Very powerful protective energy. Returning to the soul's essence.

It influences the plasma layers.

Best Serve for People

This incredible meteorite is the perfect aid for spiritual seekers, allowing them to progress in both soul growth and overall quality of life. It provides a powerful connection to the divine, the Higher Self, and the I Am Presence; those that are already on their soul's journey will notice manifesting their desires at an accelerated rate.

It's good for burying behind your house to cleanse the city. It also concentrates on this healing cosmic ray and repels darkness and bad energy.

Tachionization is a process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons. Here are the benefits of tachyon particles to the human body:

- Anti-Aging. Reverse aging when the tachyon density is high enough.

- Body, Emotion, and Mind wellness calibration

- Healing effect

- Strengthen the Immune system.

- Reduce EMF Damage to the body

- Result in increased happiness and easy feeling

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