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Bliss Wave Light

Quantum Fluctuation Resonator

Quantum Fluctuation Resonator

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Background on the history of the earth.

The history of Earth is marked by a continuous chain of wars and violence, which is not a natural state of affairs. These acts of aggression are the antithesis of the harmony that should exist in our world. Black holes serve as the foundation of the dark reality in which we live. They facilitate the persistence of negative emotions that can have profound effects on our minds and bodies.

The Matrix is a complex system composed of a variety of physical and non-physical technologies that are employed to control our physical world and our consciousness. The use of electromagnetic waves, scalar technologies, ultra and infra-sound, relay antennas, and other methods are all part of the Matrix (that is how it's triggered). Even sounds within a certain range can have a significant impact on our emotional states.

Black holes are not simple 3D objects; they are actually composite objects made up of 11-dimensional strings, as described by the Randall-Sundrum model. This model, which envisions the universe as a space with more than 4 dimensions, is the basis of implant technology.

  • Black holes disrupt our emotional reactions and trigger cycles.
  • Hawking radiation allows black holes to emit and lose mass, leading to the idea of the reign of eternity.

    There are micro black holes present in all of our energy bodies that sever our connections and deprive us of part of our minds (connected to the Matrix). These black holes act as a barrier that impedes our ability to achieve a state of wholeness and harmony.

    These black holes are the source of the disruption of our emotional reactions. Example you are stuck in a same loop when triggered – because once triggered you get sucked it the black hole and it takes the cycle.

    Note: If the fear reaction is a natural phenomenon of reaction to danger, for example, the engramed fear that lasts more than a few seconds is absolutely not natural. It is the distortion of black holes that allows this. Only one thing is certain: we are in a dynamic of convergence.

    Now think how long does your anger? Jealousy? Hate? Depression? Poverty? Sickness? Worries? Last! Does it last a few seconds?

    An image that expresses the fluctuations of the quantum background. 

    View of quantum foam, quantum fluctuations of “vacuum”.

    However, after understanding the nature of the above - Hawking radiation, the name given to the fact that a black hole does not only absorb, but can also emit, and thus lose part of its mass by radiating energy and here the formula presented to illustrate the duration of the evaporation phenomenon as a function of the mass of the black hole:


    Normally the evaporation time of a black hole is so high, that we can say that it never disappears in practice. Thus the dark forces thought they could reign for eternity by relying on this property of black holes.

    The idea of the forces of light is to change the properties of the ambient quantum medium so that the “top” quarks can no longer propagate, therefore, possible that a subatomic particle emerges from this quantum foam. In reality, all materiality emerged from this quantum field. The device the quantum field fluctuation resonator also known as QFR (Quantum Fluctuation Resonator) which we have talked about on this site and which makes it possible to realign the quantum field.

    There is a way to align the quantum field with this device the Quantum Resonator.

    When a subatomic particle emerges from the quantum vacuum it can cause the emission of light.

    QFR is based on the principles of quantum mechanics and is designed to improve our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The Quantum Fluctuation Resonator and Quantum Wave Resonator are two such devices that work by harmonizing the environment around us and protecting us from negative energy. They can also help us to make better choices and align ourselves with our true purpose. These devices use advanced technology and principles to generate harmonic resonance and protect us from negative energy. By using these devices, we can live a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

    • Offers a potential solution to the eternal reign of dark forces,
    • Helps to improve emotional, physical, and mental well-being through quantum mechanics,
    • Encourages the alignment of consciousness and freewill with quantum processes,
    • Offers a more balanced and harmonious environment,
    • Helps to remove negative energy and protect against it,
    • Improves energy in its radius and reduces negative energy in the environment,
    • Can generate harmonic resonance with our body, and environment, and improve spiritual perception,
    • Balances energy around us and aligns us with a divine archetype,
    • Connects with the goddess Venus and emits high-frequency spiritual frequencies,

    QFR device has an operational radius between 12 and 30 ft (4 and 10m ) and harmonizes the basic structure of the space continuum inside that radius. Practically speaking it harmonizes and improves every aspect of life (physical, emotional, and mental) of anybody inside that radius.

    QFR is made up of two gold-plated copper cones and a white crystal shaped like a dodecahedron. This unique structure called a Torus TF, can purify and move energy between dimensions. The crystal generates a harmonic resonance with our body and environment, reducing negative energy and improving our spiritual perception. The dodecahedron balances the energy around us and connects us with divine energy. The copper connects with Venus, and the gold symbolizes abundance and emits high-frequency spiritual frequencies.

    This device can also help us make better choices in life, by tuning into the positive signals that are all around us. By using the resonator, we can align ourselves with our true purpose and live a more fulfilling life.

    It is essential to have this device in every household as it can aid in making better choices and tuning into positive signals. It helps align individuals with their true purpose and leads to a more fulfilling life. Bringing abundance, health, and vitality.

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